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XBRL services

CoreFiling provide a range of professional services to ensure that our customers derive maximum benefit from our XBRL products and solutions. As well as supporting customers during the installation and integration of products into an existing or new infrastructure, we also provide detailed training and consultancy in addition to the essential ongoing maintenance and support of the software.

Installation and integration services

Alongside our wide range of products and solutions, we also offer an optional installation and integration service enabling us to provide turnkey delivery to customers.

This service can be particularly useful for complex or larger projects where the integration demands of the XBRL software fall outside the speciality of existing contractors or outsourcers.

All our professional services staff are highly trained and experienced in the application of XBRL and Agile development standards. As with all aspects of CoreFiling’s business, we maintain high standards, professional working practices and competitive pricing.

  • Flexible working to co-ordinate with the customer’s scheduling
  • Installation and initial testing can be undertaken as a standalone package
  • Internal continuous development systems to maintain high standards
  • Trained and skilled integrators with many years of XBRL and XML experience
  • Full documentation provided upon completion


XBRL consulting expertise

Recognising the strategic importance of data quality and process efficiency, our team of experienced project managers and technical consultants is uniquely positioned to deliver tried and tested XBRL solutions to your financial and business reporting requirements.

Known for our expertise in the field of XBRL reporting, we bring a wealth of accounting and regulatory talent to all our projects, which range from taxonomy development and review to enterprise custom reporting implementations.

CoreFiling have delivered successful XBRL projects in a variety of markets and helped many organisations in the banking and financial services sector, regulatory bodies, global accounting firms and other software vendors.


Information governance services

Information governance helps you actively manage your data assets across business reporting supply chains. CoreFiling’s managed services integrate with your existing operations to ensure you have high quality, consistent and reusable business and financial reporting information.

With an emphasis on quality assurance, our sophisticated data validation methods ensure that your data and metadata remain accurate and consistent. Combine that with our agility and you have a winning formula for high quality results and adaptive validation.


Business and financial reporting product support

CoreFiling provide a quality support service to all customers of our business and financial reporting products and solutions.

  • Maintenance and support: Our standard maintenance and support contract entitles existing customers to automatic product updates, as well as to email and telephone support during UK business hours. Support agreements can be tailored for specific customers on request.
  • Knowledgeable engineering staff: Your support issue will be responded to quickly and professionally by one of our highly qualified technical engineers.
  • To log a support call: Our individual product pages provide answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. However, if you would prefer an engineer to contact you directly please email [email protected], providing a detailed description of your issue.


XBRL training

Project success will always be improved when staff dealing with XBRL implementations have a good background knowledge of XBRL and an understanding of how our XBRL products can be used to best effect. We provide a range of training courses from an introduction to XBRL through to in-depth technical workshops, all delivered by experts in the field.


Conformance testing

At CoreFiling we believe that conformance suites are essential to open standards. By providing a structured collection of test documents along with expected results, regulators and standards bodies can ensure that all conforming implementations take the same interpretation of the rules in a specification.

CoreFiling drove the creation of the XBRL 2.1 conformance suite in 2003, and put conformance testing at the heart of XBRL International’s standardisation process. We have contributed hundreds of test cases to public conformance suites over the years.

Filing programmes typically impose additional constraints on XBRL documents for data quality and adherence to local conventions. Our professional services team can assist with the definition of these rules and produce conformance suites to ensure they are implemented consistently.

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