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Magnify®: XBRL and iXBRL document review

Magnify® is a desktop XBRL and iXBRL instance document review tool that helps corporates and their professional advisers to check the validity of filings before submission. It also helps regulators to drill down into the filings as part of their investigations into companies.

XBRL report filing workflow

Accountants use it for HMRC, SEC and other regulatory filings, to ensure compliance and to reduce the risk of subsequent investigation.


Prepare XBRL Report


Review in Magnify


Report verified


Submit filing to regulator


Resolve issue


Errors Identified

Regulator workflow - XBRL document review

Regulators use it to check "soft" compliance and to run custom business rules to identify areas of concern requiring further investigation.


Document submitted to agency


Review in Magnify


Anomalies highlighted


Inspector opens investigation

Structured XBRL document review process

Whether you are a regulator scrutinising XBRL documents, or a report preparer needing to submit valid, quality XBRL documents, Magnify's powerful, multi-dimensional instance document viewer lets you conduct a structured document review. A configurable checklist guides you through each stage of the document review, performing automated tests, verifying calculations and highlighting any discrepancies requiring manual intervention.

  • Review your filings, whether you outsource or work in-house
  • Check your XBRL documents against filing rules
  • Reveal the source of any errors
  • Generate documentation as you progress through a logical review of your document
  • Compare document versions
  • Compare in document order or side by side
  • Compare data over different periods
  • Export comparative data to Excel for further analysis
  • Review data against the XBRL submissions of your peers
  • Build customised reports to aid your review process
  • Reuse those reports for any selected filing
  • Analyse and fully understand the data you are submitting
  • CRD IV and Solvency II ready
  • Support for iXBRL 1.1

No matter which regulatory authority receives your filing, you'll reap immediate benefit from a Magnify document review.

Our experience with [Magnify] and CoreFiling has been exceptional. CoreFiling has some of the most knowledgeable employees I have ever encountered with regard to comprehensive knowledge of the product, awareness of and responsiveness to client needs, as well as very competent support staff.
Karyn Rudnick, Senior XBRL Technical Analyst, Merrill Corporation