White papers

Our in-house experts have written a wide variety of specialist white papers about the technical solutions we provide, and on the development of XBRL & iXBRL. See below to find out more about each paper, or use the form to download your copy.

The countdown to Solvency II Pillar 3 reporting

In the run-up to the 2016 Solvency II requirements update, we took a detailed look at Solvency II reporting, and explored the challenges facing organisations that were not yet prepared for the change.


Introduction to FRS 101 and 102

An exploration of the latest FRS accounting standards, with a particular focus on how XBRL report filers are affected, plus a discussion of how Seahorse can minimise the disruption usually caused by new taxonomies.


XBRL review and quality assurance

An overview of CoreFiling’s Professional Services, which enhance an organisation’s ability to provide world-class review and quality assurance for XBRL filings.


Assurance considerations for interactive data: some risks and mitigation techniques

A detailed examination of the risks that auditors need to spot, plus suggested techniques for mitigating or detecting material misstatement in XBRL reports.


XML flattened: The lessons to be learnt from XBRL

Lucian Holland, DecisionSoft Limited

This paper examines how and why XBRL takes an approach that may initially seem counter-intuitive, and looks at the advantages and disadvantages of its separation of structure from content from a number of angles, particularly validation, information reuse and versioning.