Simplify taxonomy development


Create and edit taxonomies quickly

SpiderMonkey® is an easy-to-use desktop product that allows analysts and accountants to create, modify or extend taxonomies without needing to understand the specifics of XBRL.

With its straightforward user interface, the SpiderMonkey® taxonomy creator and editor simplifies the entire taxonomy development process.Search effortlessly through the taxonomy using the intuitive relationship tree to locate the concepts you need.

  • Drag and drop to extend and modify the taxonomy
  • Check progress as your work moves forward by generating XBRL instance documents based on the latest version of your taxonomy.
  • Ensure that your calculations work as they should. SpiderMonkey highlights any calculation inconsistencies.

A choice of tools to meet your needs

Use SpiderMonkey Professional for the construction of sophisticated taxonomies, particularly adapted for company use where regulators allow the use of extension taxonomies. The ideal tool for SEC filers needing to create and maintain a corporate extension taxonomy.

Use the SpiderMonkey Enterprise version for large scale enterprise, regulatory or industry-wide collaborative initiatives. SpiderMonkey Enterprise is unique in providing an XBRL taxonomy development environment capable of supporting multiple concurrent users.

Collaboratively develop taxonomies

If you are involved in XBRL taxonomy projects where contributors are widely dispersed geographically, you may also be interested in the development collaboration capabilities offered by our companion product, Yeti.

So, whether you are planning a small project to develop an extension taxonomy or creating an integrated national taxonomy architecture, we have the tools to help you succeed.

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