Streamline the development and maintenance of XBRL taxonomies

Building a reporting infrastructure

CoreFiling provide services, components and systems to support all parts of the business performance reporting chain. Solutions can combine internal consolidation of performance information with external reporting requirements.

Taxonomy development and data modelling

Define a cohesive taxonomy to serve as the foundation for a successful reporting project. CoreFiling have helped numerous regulators to create consistent, well understood taxonomy frameworks and have extensive experience of providing enterprise-level data modelling services. Learn more about our Taxonomy development and data modelling solutions.


Taxonomy management system

Streamline the development and maintenance of XBRL taxonomies and manage the taxonomy lifecycle in an effective manner. Achieve true multi-user taxonomy editing, automated XBRL validation, online taxonomy review and change management, plus rapid packaging and publication of the completed taxonomy by using our Taxonomy management system.


Validating and processing XBRL

Our Validation and processing services will help to liberate the XBRL-locked data within your organisation. Extract and process the XBRL, allowing the data to be used for data mining purposes, or create business rules to enhance the quality of the data you receive.


Business rules management and execution

Add data validation logic to document processing systems. We supply both a proprietary rules language solution, Sphinx®, and a high-performance implementation of the XII Formula standard. Creating and managing XBRL business rules is simplified using our software.


External XBRL reporting

Focus on what is being disclosed rather than the technical detail behind how it is being disclosed. Integrate fully validated XBRL into your reporting process, or use cloud-based services to generate XBRL or iXBRL documents to meet your regulatory reporting requirements.