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Taxonomy errors

In this age of digital reporting, hundreds of XBRL taxonomies are published every year. Our analysis at CoreFiling shows that there are a few common mistakes that repeatedly crop up in such taxonomies. These issues can limit their usefulness, slow down implementation...

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Misleading labels – fraud or failure?

In my previous blogs, I have talked about how the iXBRL document validation process consists of a number of steps, like a ladder. If the validation process returns a failure at one step, it must stop processing immediately. It must NOT move on to the next step. Why?...

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The Inline XBRL validation stack

1. Well-formedness To be machine-readable, XML has to be well formed.  Attributes have to be enclosed in quotes; certain characters have to be escaped; all opening tags have to be matched with closing tags. A human reader may recognise easily that a closing tag has...

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Schemas and XBRL

The invention of schemas to provide formal definition of the contents of XML documents was one of the most important innovations accompanying the creation of the world wide web.  For the first time it was possible to develop a generic data validator which was...

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