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XBRL instance document integrity

What is instance document integrity? Any discussion about the capabilities of XBRL taxonomies would be incomplete without considering mechanisms that help to ensure the integrity of instance documents prepared in accordance with them. But what do we mean by...

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Filing Rules – the good stuff

CoreFiling’s Katherine Haigh and Joe Leeman are active contributors to XII’s Filing Rules Working Group. In this interview, we find out what motivated them and what insights they’ve gained that are useful either to regulators, filers or both. Why did you join the...

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A Wealth of Potential: Interview with Ian Hicks

Last week, CoreFiling’s Ian Hicks took part in the FRC’s Digital Future: Data round table, and discussed ways to combat the current “under-performance” of financial data. After the event, we sat down with Ian to talk about the benefits and challenges of using XBRL for...

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