XBRL, iXBRL and XML filings prepared quickly and accurately


The world’s fastest filer preparation tool

Seahorse® is the financial world’s fastest and most accurate filing system.Delivered as SaaS, it can create regulatory filings for CRD IV, Solvency II, MiFID, CbCR and FATCA. In its company accounts version, it converts completed company accounts into Inline XBRL for filing with regulatory authorities.

Full compliance with technical and regulatory standards

Seahorse was designed to work with filing programmes mandated by regulators ranging from EIOPA and the EBA to HMRC and Revenue Ireland. All outputs from Seahorse are validated against all the relevant technical standards and NCA-specific filing rules.

Easy extraction of regulatory data from existing systems

Seahorse creates regulatory filings by generating template spreadsheets from current regulatory taxonomies, to ensure that the outputs are always compliant. CSV interfaces are provided to make it easy to integrate Seahorse with existing data warehouses.

Conversion of company accounts to iXBRL

Seahorse creates fully-tagged Inline XBRL filings from existing Word and Excel documents. Its automated tag-selection engine uses machine-learning to take into account tagging selections made in thousands of previous filings. Seahorse’s roll-over feature, which copies the company’s prior-year tagging decisions, makes it the fastest and most accurate tagging tool on the market.

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