Efficiently validate and process XBRL documents

True North®


Designed for use by regulators and enterprise software developers, True North® is widely regarded as the most reliable XBRL validation and processing engine on the market.

Robust and easy to use

The True North® APIs are not only fault-tolerant and robust, but also simple to understand and easy to use, letting you effortlessly and confidently retrieve the data you need.


A range of versions to suit your needs

True North® is made available as either a Java tool or a web service, so whether you are a software developer, government agency or Fortune 500 company, there is a version to suit you.

  • True North® XBRL Processor provides validation and processing for low volume XBRL filing systems, produces XBRL data as part of an existing application and offers a way of consuming XBRL data within an existing analysis system. It offers an intuitive Java API as well as a pre-built command line interface.
  • True North® Enterprise XBRL Processor builds on the stability and reliability of the True North® XBRL Processor, but optimised for use in high-load, enterprise XBRL filing systems.
  • True North® Web Services Processor harnesses the power of the True North® Enterprise XBRL Processor to provide XBRL and iXBRL validation and processing through a web services interface, enabling easy integration with all platforms.

Sample True North® applications are provided with all versions, along with full documentation to help you get started.


The True North® family contains a number of optional modules and add-ons:


Validation modules

  • Edgar Filer Manual – Check filings for regulatory compliance against the published rules
  • Quality Checks – Perform additional quality checks on the US GAAP taxonomy
  • European Filing Rules Validation Module – Verify compliance with structural rules specified by European regulators such as the EBA and EIOPA


Specialist processors

  • Versioning processor – Provides a way for taxonomy authors to document the changes between taxonomy versions
  • Table Linkbase processor – Full support for the recommended Table Linkbase specification, vital for filing under CRD IV and Solvency II
  • True North® iXBRL Processor – Provides a powerful, enterprise-strength tool that validates inline XBRL documents and allows extraction of the underlying XBRL for further processing


True North Connectors

  • Our special connectors allow the creation, processing and validation of XBRL in an online context.
  • The True North® Forms Connector for Excel produces Excel templates based on the appropriate taxonomy
  • The True North® Connectors for CSV and SQL facilitate transformation between XBRL and other commonly used formats.


XBRL validation and processing add-ons

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