Conveniently build taxonomies for analysis and review of filings

E-filing for regulators

CoreFiling works closely with regulators and government agencies at every stage of the e-filing process, from taxonomy creation through to analysis and review of filings. Areas of expertise include:

Design and technical advisory services

Capitalise on our XBRL and XML expertise. For many years we have worked closely with both the designers and users of the core XML and XBRL standards. We have successfully provided consultancy and practical advice to a variety of regulators and government agencies that have adopted the XBRL reporting format. For example, our taxonomy advice covers structural design, development, testing and review, and long term maintenance, as required. Our RIM managed service for government departments simplifies the development and management of large data models with complex, inter-related business rules.


Create consistent and well understood taxonomies 

Define a cohesive taxonomy to serve as the foundation for a successful reporting project. CoreFiling have helped numerous regulators to create consistent, well understood taxonomy development frameworks and have extensive experience of providing enterprise-level data modelling services.


Submit XBRL to the regulator

As well as providing regulatory XBRL infrastructure, we also help filers who need to submit XBRL to a government agency and other regulatory authority, for example in support of the banking and insurance XBRL mandates.


Validate and process XBRL

Use our XBRL validating and processing services to free the XBRL-locked data within your organisation. Extract and process the XBRL, allowing the data to be used for data mining purposes, or create business rules to enhance the quality of the data you receive.


Create and manage XBRL business rules

Create and manage XBRL business rules. Add data validation logic to document processing systems, taking advantage of either our proprietary rules language solution, Sphinx®, or our high-performance implementation of the XII Formula standard.


Analyse and review XBRL

Drill down into the detail behind the XBRL filings you receive to closely analyse and review the content.


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