Automatically tag data for regulatory reporting


Quickly generate XBRL and iXBRL reports

Seahorse® CoreFiling’s SaaS-based XBRL and iXBRL production software, offers a simple solution to the challenge of filing valid XBRL and iXBRL documents to meet the demands of reporting legislation enacted around Europe and beyond. Seahorse® provides a fast, accurate way of generating the XBRL reports needed to fulfil statutory obligations under the current European mandates.

Seahorse® provides a well proven, easy to use method of converting data to XBRL and iXBRL format. It is widely used within Europe by a variety of companies, including accounting firms, their clients, banks and insurance companies.

XBRL for banking and insurance reporting

  • CRD IV – Seahorse® provides a simple way to generate valid XBRL documents ready for regulatory reporting under the COREP and FINREP EBA mandate. This includes the production of the Microsoft® Excel templates to create the reports required for Own Funds and Leverage, Large Exposures, Net Stable Funding Ratio, Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Asset Encumbrance.
  • Solvency II – Seahorse® creates XBRL documents in preparation for interim and full Solvency II reporting under the EIOPA mandate.

The European mandates

Seahorse® provides a fast, accurate way of generating the XBRL and iXBRL documents needed for submission to government regulators and National Competent Authorities around Europe and supports the following XBRL and iXBRL filing mandates.

iXBRL for Corporation Tax reporting

  • HM Revenue & Customs – See how Seahorse® converts Word and Excel accounts documents into iXBRL ready for HMRC filing.
  • Companies House Filing – After converting UK GAAP accounts to iXBRL ready for HMRC filing, take advantage of the Seahorse option to file the iXBRL document directly with Companies House.
  • Revenue Ireland – The iXBRL reporting mandate now covers the majority of Corporation Tax payers. See how Seahorse® applies iXBRL tags to financial statements ready for Revenue filing.

XBRL document production

For simpler XBRL reporting, consider our cloud-based XBRL document production solution. Seahorse® generates the required Microsoft® Excel templates. Once populated and uploaded, they are seamlessly turned into XBRL reports. Alternatively, to overcome the issue of vast amounts of data locked inside BI and data warehouse systems, Seahorse®  uses CSV file format to extract reporting data from large internal data stores before converting it to XBRL ready for submission to the regulator.

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