Filing rejections are a real problem for businesses that submit to regulators. Even if you have a solution in place to create your XBRL filings, there is no easy way to decode them, or to check what you’re actually sending. Using our 20+ years of experience in data integrity, we’ve created the solution:

CoreFiling is excited to announce the launch of Beacon: our cloud-based filing review platform. And to celebrate, we’re offering free trial access to Beacon for all users.

Beacon is a secure, collaborative review and validation tool that integrates effortlessly into your existing workflow. XBRL filings contain a lot of encoded information that you can’t see (or check) – but with Beacon, you can view that data in incredible, granular detail. The Beacon trial gives you access to Beacon’s advanced review tools: users can upload and review one XBRL document, completely free. Better yet, you can store your document in our cloud for up to three years… and review it as many times as you like.

Plus, we’re holding a free webinar for all filers, showing you how to avoid the most common errors in CRD IV (incl. IFRS 9) & Solvency II submissions.

Here are just a few of the ways that Beacon helps your organisation solve its submission errors:

The Benefits

  • Beacon lets you decode the XBRL filing. You can view your data inside a regulatory template, and see your filing as the regulator will see it. You can investigate broad sections of the filing, or drill down to individual data points, then apply targeted validation rules if you spot an error.
  • Beacon creates an advanced filing management system that’s flexible enough to fit right into your current workflow. Store all your filings in a secure, change-tracked environment. Control data access through custom user profiles. Import LDAP users and connect to your existing data sets with Beacon APIs.
  • Beacon promotes collaboration. Cloud access means colleagues can work together, anytime, anywhere. In fact, Beacon allows an unlimited number of users to view and mark up a filing at any one time. And thanks to Beacon’s cloud architecture, even the largest XBRL documents are accessed quickly – with no performance loss on your PC.

Download the PDF for more information about Beacon.

How do I sign up?

You can access Beacon right away by visiting our launch page, here. All you need to enter is your name, e-mail address and company. And don’t forget to sign up for our free Solvency II & CRD IV webinar too.