London Fintech Week is back for 2017, with a new line-up of conferences, workshops, exhibitions  and meet-ups for financial innovators. For those who haven’t attended before, London Fintech Week is a 7-day event designed to act as a hub for international financial professionals, held across the City of London, Canary Wharf and East London’s “Tech City”.

The event has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2014 – and this year’s conference is the biggest yet. Starting on 7th July, London Fintech Week 2017 will host the UK government’s first International Fintech Conference. The conference aims to attract investors to the UK’s “high growth fintech centre”. Click here to read a comprehensive overview of the event by Liam Fox (Department for International Trade) on GOV.UK

Ready. Set. Innovate.

At CoreFiling, we know that developing new technologies is key to the success of the fintech industry – so here are the top 4 events we’re looking forward to most at this year’s London Fintech Week:

  • Regulatory Sandbox Panel. Barclays, Santander and Credit Suisse meet to unlock the potential of regulatory reporting. As experts in regulatory reporting technology, we’ll be watching with interest.
  • Blockchain & Cyber Security Showcase. Blockchain is set to be the next evolution in financial security – but how far can we trust the hype? Thomson Reuters, the Linux Foundation and Applied Blockchain investigate.
  • Machine Learning & AI: Is it OK to Panic Yet? With the recent Deep Mind scandal still fresh in our minds, we look forward to seeing this panel’s take on an important emerging technology.
  • The FCA’s Regtech Update & Innovation Hub Workshop. Innovation is at the heart of what we do at CoreFiling, and as long-time supporters of the FCA, we anticipate big things from this workshop.