Speed up XBRL validation and processing

XBRL solutions – COREP, FINREP and Solvency II Pillar 3

The regulatory reporting frameworks introduced under CRD IV and Solvency II legislation bring new compliance challenges. CoreFiling offer conformant XBRL report production adapted to the varying needs of report filers.

Seahorse® – a simple, cloud-based solution

For a fast, no fuss way of producing XBRL-compliant disclosures directly via a web browser, take a look at our Seahorse® cloud-based solution. Generate Excel templates online, fill in the data, and let Seahorse create your validated XBRL reports. Alternatively, take the output from BI systems or other data stores, convert to CSV format, upload to Seahorse and seamlessly convert to valid XBRL documents. XBRL reporting under COREP, FINREP and Solvency II Pillar 3 made simple.

True North® – proven XBRL validation and processing

True North provides a set of proven XBRL validation and processing tools and add-on modules embracing a wide range of online filing needs.

XBRL Disclosure Management Platform™ – an integrated, strategic solution

Our XBRL Disclosure Management Platform takes source data, converting it to XBRL in a consistent manner, ready for output to different reporting scenarios. XDMP provides a reliable solution to both current and future XBRL reporting needs.

Immediate XBRL compliance

Producing valid XBRL submissions in time to meet the tight deadlines is no easy task. There’s no need to be stuck. CoreFiling can offer a phased approach: immediate COREP, FINREP or Solvency II report production using Seahorse, followed by delivery of a comprehensive, reliable disclosure management framework.

XBRL health check

By using our XBRL Health Check, organisations can verify the effectiveness of their current XBRL reporting system through a well-established diagnostic resulting in a pragmatic set of recommendations to address key areas of concern. The XBRL Health Check focuses on key areas identified as critical to successful prudential reporting programmes.

The CoreFiling difference

What separates CoreFiling from others in the marketplace is a total dedication to XBRL. The components of our XBRL reporting solutions are available immediately and our products are kept updated in line with the latest version of the relevant underlying XBRL taxonomies.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has already chosen True North®, the same XBRL processing and validation engine that underpins all CoreFiling products. The Bank of Ireland, a number of UK high street banks, plus other European financial institutions are customers in this sector.

We have delivered highly successful XBRL projects with major regulators such as HMRC and Companies House in the UK, The Australian Tax Office and the Federal Accounting Standards Board in the USA. In the UK, since the start of the HMRC iXBRL mandate, there have been over 3.4 million filings – all validated using CoreFiling tools – the world’s largest XBRL project.

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